Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back in the Shop

Finally the sickness is gone and I was able to get back into the shop. We were able to clean the whole shop before we put a coat of stain on that cabinet. Once again Matt showed up with another project for us to work on. He has some stair railing he needs us to stain for him. It felt great to get out of the house and back in the was not allot, but it was progress.

Snowing like crazy...then rain, then sleet, then rain, then snow...gotta love Wisconsin.

Oh...there is a concrete floor in the shop, I thought it was made of sawdust.

The stain is going on the cabinet.

Stain is drying...coat one of poly goes on tomorrow.

Here is Matts stair railing ready for some stain tomorrow morning.

More progress will be made tomorrow, lets see how much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Under the Weather

Well, the cabinet is only one step away from being stained. Un-fortunately I have been very sick since Sunday night. I have had the worse stomach flu ever in my life. I have heard some other people I know have had it as well, so it is going around. I am feeling much better (80%) as I type this so I am hoping that tomorrow morning I will feel up to getting in the shop once again. I had not left the house till this afternoon since Sunday evening...if you know me, that's crazy. I am super stir crazy and need to get out. So hopefully tomorrow night I can post some progress on that cabinet, and I get get my sanity back.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow.....3 Weeks?

I cannot believe it has been three weeks since my last post. Not a whole lot has gone on in the shop since then. I did finish one more glass diamond case for Mike and Mary. I did also get started on that dvd cabinet. I had been working on it little by little in the past week. Today we finished the construction of it. All we have left is to add a little hardware, assemble it, and finish it. Here is what we did today.

These two pictures are of what I already had done as of this morning before we started. The main cabinet section, and the two swing out shelves pictured above.

The larger front and back pieces are made of 3/4" oak plywood. This is a picture of a piece of the iron on veneer we use to cover the edges of the plywood. This stuff is great, you just iron it on with a regular household iron. When it cools after 30 seconds you use a knife to trim it up. Looks great, and is super strong.

Here we have the two swing outs all set on, and hinges installed...starting to look like something.

Here is the top piece being clamped on...biscuits were used to hold this piece on.

This is were we ended the day of glued on, and bottom all mitered up and screwed to the main cabinet body.

Tomorrow we install the handles, and the catches that keep it closed, then stain is applied and it is put together and delivered to the customer. It seems like a pretty simple project, which it is, but still very time consuming.

Check back tomorrow to hopefully see it with some stain on it.