Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shop Cleaned...Lumber Moved in.

This weekend was a busy weekend in the shop. We did not cut any wood, or build anything, but we did get the shop cleaned out, and purchased all of the lumber and supplies to get started tomorrow.

I am super exited to get started on that dollhouse, and those cutting boards. It will be fun to get out there again and start making some sawdust.

Here is the "entertainment center" this continues to be the life-force of my shop. I have the i-pod plugged into the big stereo, as well as the T.V. which is great for watching the world series. These may be the most important tools in the shop. I loves me my tunes.

Here is a piece of African wood that we are going to try in our next round of cutting boards, it has great colors, and great grain patters. I have never used this wood before, so it should be fun trying out another wood species.

This is a closeup of the Baltic Birch Plywood we will be using to make the DollHouse. This is great plywood that is super stable, as you can see it has 7 separate layers that make it so strong and stable.
Here is the other wood to be used in the cutting boards. The old stand bye...hard maple. It was love at first sight when I layed my eyes on this beautiful piece of lumber at the lumber yard. It is 7' long, 11" wide, and a full 2 inches thick. There is not a blemish, or knot of any kind in this board, it really is perfect. I will almost feel bad cutting it into pieces.
Here is Ruth cleaning out the scrap wood area. This always fills up fast and needs to be re-organized. Although I hate it so...I had to burn some of this wood, because as much as you want too, you cannot keep it all. I had to part with some of it just to make room for more of it!!

Check back, I should be starting a few of these projects in the next two nights.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is this thing on??

For those of you who have not totally given up on me.....I am back! It has been so so so so long since I have posted, well because I have not been in the shop for a long time. It was a busy summer with many things going on and I never had the itch to work in the shop. Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler I am getting the urge to work in the shop again. I have many things to start on, and many things to finish in a short amount of time. With Christmas approaching, I have some gifts to make.

I will be making three cutting boars as gifts. I am also making a full size Barbie doll house for my niece. It is a lofty project, but it should turn out great. I am looking forward to that one.

Stay tuned as I should be posting some pictures of projects while in progress.