Monday, November 8, 2010

Progress Report

This weekend we got lots of things done in the shop. We started the weekend with the dollhouse pieces roughly cut out, and finished with the main skeleton completed. It went together so nicely, no headaches...thanks to google sketchup!

The windows, doors, shutters, and shingles showed up in the mail this week, this is what they look like. Pretty detailed little stuff!

Here is one of the cutting boards soaking up some oil. We have two more of these to finish this week so we can deliver them to Ruth's parents this weekend.

Here is Ruth making sure every piece is nice and square.

Here it is...the main skeleton. It is super sturdy, and should last many generations. The next step in the process is to make the stairs. Then from there we install windows, doors and start with the details like carpet, wallpaper paint and siding!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Projects are started!

We have been working in the shop quite a bit lately. I even had the day off today, so after breakfast and a few chores, Ruth and I spent the rest of they day in the shop.

We have one cutting board almost complete, and we have all of the pieces for the dollhouse rough cut to size.

Here is a picture of the dollhouse plan we drew up on Google Sketchup. If you ever need to design a project, do yourself a favor and download Sketchup!

The dollhouse parts, roughly cut out of the plywood. Tomorrow they start to take shape and soon assembly begins.

Ruth is setting the cutting board pieces, preparing for the final glue-up.

My pictures uploaded out of order...this is me cutting the pieces Ruth was laying out in the previous picture.

Safety is serious!!! Look how serious I am.