Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cutting Board

Here is another cutting board I just finished. A little less intense, but it still looks great.

Next up is the DVD/Movie cabinet. Pictures will be check it out.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Here

Wow, it has been two weeks since I posted?? I have been pretty slow in the shop, not a whole lot going on. A shadow box, or diamond case here, but not much in the last two weeks. I do have a few irons in the fire though. Should a be a little busier from here on out a while. Keep checking in. I started another cutting board this afternoon, should be done with that soon. Maybe I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Day On The Ice

Today my Dad, Ruth and I spent the day on Big Green Lake watching some tip-ups and relaxing on the ice. It was a beautiful day, it was only 6 degrees, but absolutely no wind. We had some laughs, caught a few fish, and ate some great food....a recipe for a great day away from the shop.

We caught a total of five fish, here they are in the order that we caught them. We were only out from eight til not to bad.

This one was probably a keeper(26 inches) but we could not find the tape, so it went back.
My first flag of the year, and the first fish of the year...sweet!!

Just a little guy, but fun nonetheless.

My dad with another keeper...this one stayed on the ice. It went to my uncle Keith who was also out on the ice and stopped bye most of the time.

Grow big and come visit our area next winter.

Gaff-hook in hand....not needed for this monster.

Here was the special for the day...I know it looks vile, but trust me it's heaven on a bun. We marinaded the venison overnight. When the bellies are a rumblin we fire up the old LP stove. Throw that venny in the pan with some onions, butter and beer, and you are all set.

Just look at the enjoyment on my face!
(For those of you that watch Wisconsin's Waters and Woods....that baby was scorching hot, right off the grill, and it was really good)

We closed out the day and caught five fish on nine flags....and if my Ripon math is correct we batted like 550 today...that's damn good for the first trip. I hope we can get out again soon.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Table Delivery.

Last night we delivered the tables to Neenah. Before we set them up, we headed to Good Company, one of our favorite restaurants in Appleton.

Here is one of them all set up. They turned out really well. The shelf just under the glass is removable. If you have something larger to display you can drop it down to the middle of the legs and still be able to see it through the top.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The tables were completed tonight. They will be delivered tomorrow after work.

Next up is a big DVD/Movie Cabinet, a shadow box, and another diamond case.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nothing New

Nothing out of the ordinary tonight. Ruth got two coats of poly on the tables today, one this morning, and the pictures of coat number two were taken this evening. After that as usual it was off to the gym.

On goes the polyurethane.

We always use a light to check for runs, or dry spots.

Tomorrow is coats three and four...then they are done. Hoping to deliver them to my Brother and sister in-law on Thursday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Emergency job, and more table progress.

Well we were making more progress on the tables today, when all of a sudden the phone rang. It was my friend Matt with a major woodworking emergency. He needed a very complex project, I was not sure if I could do it but I problem!!

Here is Matt with said project.....a five foot chunk of 2x4 with a 1 1/4" dado cut down the center. Emergency diverted! The look of relief in his face just makes what I do so worth while.

Anyway...back to the tables. Ruth is putting the stain on one of the finished tables. I love how the walnut plugs look against the oak.

Here are both tables and one of the four shelves that go along with them. The shelves fit inside the legs and hang on plastic hangers that fit into one of the three holes drilled so the shelf height can be adjusted.

Check back soon, after the poly goes on we will put the glass in and take some final shots.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remember the End-Tables??

Well.....I finally made some major progress this weekend on my brothers end-tables.

Here is Ruth sanding one of the assembled top cases. They will end up with some 3/8" glass tops.

This is where we ended the night. The two cases and the legs. Tomorrow we have to finish sanding the kreg jig plugs flat, then attach the legs. After that one final sanding and then the finish goes on. Each one of those walnut inserts takes about 3 minutes of sanding to make them flat, when there are fifty plugs per table...well, that takes A LOT of time.

Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pictures of them with a coat of stain, and one coat of poly. I am thinking these will end up with at least four coats of poly on them. I want to be able to see myself in the finish.