Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Nights in a Row !?!?!

Today I did get a little progress done on the bookcase, nothing really noticeable but progress was made. I also got another cutting board in the clamps today too.

Here are the two sides of the bookcase. It does not look like much, but setting up all of the holes, and the dado's take some time.

Cutting board in the clamps.

Here is a simple lumber rack I put up a few days ago. This is not for bulk storage, but to let the lumber for the current project "acclimate" to the shop. This way the lumber can sit a few days in the shop climate and do all of its "moving" before I mill it square. Has been nice clearing up some shop space.

Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow the bookcase will start to resemble a bookcase, and the cutting board will be almost done as well.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Pictures Necessary

As I am sitting here watching the Yankee/Red Sox game with the laptop....well....on my lap, I realize it has been a while since I have posted on the old blog. I have been super, super busy in the shop lately, basically starting a bunch of projects. I have step-stools, a bookcase, a gun cabinet and two cutting boards all in progress right now. The shop looks like a bomb went off, but things are definitely happening. Nothing that really makes an interesting picture. I will post some pictures when I have a little more progress done on each project.

On a lighter note, Ruth and I were asked today if we would like to go to the Mt. Rushmore/Badlands area in a few weeks for a week. We will be going with her parents. So, we will be doing that. I have never been out there, but all of them have, so it should be fun for us to get away.

Stay I really do plan on posting more, really....I mean it this time!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


It has been a very busy week, not only working on projects but preparing for projects. We will be starting 3 very large projects next week. The table top, a large bookcase, and finally the gun-cabinet for my brother. So this coming week will be spent planning, getting lumber, getting tools and supplies, and cleaning the shop! Here are a few pictures of things we did this last week.

I quickly made this little table for my mom to put her printer on at work.

Ruth's parents dropped of the table last Saturday, so we spent a few days stripping the finish off of the old legs. Here you can see how well it actually worked, I was impressed with the results.

The stipper had to be applied in two coats. The first coat would take the bulk of the finish off, and some of the color. The second coat would really get into the pores, and with a little light brushing with a brass brush we could really get it cleaned up nice...followed by a light sanding.

Here are the legs all ready to go.

On Friday we went to Pickett to pick up this awesome pile of lumber from my Dad's cousin. He had it cut, milled and kiln dried 8 years ago, and never found a use for the wood he did not use for trim in his house. There is about 180 b/f (board feet) of 4/4 (1"thick) & 5/4 (1-1/4" thick) white oak here. About $500 dollars worth of wood, and I just drove away with it!

Another view of the take!

Ruth and I have been playing allot of cribbage in the shop while waiting for stripper to work, and whenever we have a down momemnt. She has been whipping my butt by the way. We decided to make a dedicated shop cribbage board. Of course it cannot just be any old cribbage board, we have to turn it up a notch or two. This baby is 9" X 27" made out of a solid piece of oak. The drill press would not reach the center row of holes, so I had to do it will my centering block and hand held drill as seen above.

Here is Ruth burning in a line for every five points.

Tracing the perfect 29 hand so that can be burned in as well...she is the artistic one, I could never do this as well as she does.

Here is the finished board with a coat of poly on it. We used Brewers colors to paint the pegs, and the score-keeping area at the base of the board. We will have many years of playing on this board, and I might even win a few.

Stay updated, I plan on posting my progress a few times this week, like I said not much will be actually done this week, mostly planning and setup, but there is always something to work on.